Speciality Litter Coming From TIMELESS LEGEND CONGO VIKAR!!
Due To Whelp: 06/06/19

We have a tremendous Proven speciality litter due to be bred in Feb. 2019 out of our top producing solid black Evita Daughter, Xena, who is a top producing grand daughter of 2009 WUSV World Champion, 2010 WUSV Vice World Champion Sam, sired by our WORLD RENOWN DECEASED LEGEND CONGO VIKAR.

THIS IS A top proven bloodline combination between Congo Vikar and Xena's World Renown producing dam Evita. We did 2 PROVEN REPEAT SPECIALITY BREEDINGs FROM OUR TIMELESS LEGEND CONGO VIKAR BRED TO OUR EVITA WHO IS A DIRECT DAUGHTER OF 2009 WUSV WORLD CHAMPION 2010 VICE WORLD CHAMPION  SAM BEIT HABOXER MEHAGIVA. There were WUSV, National, Military, Dual Purpose, and wonderful personal/family companion protection prospects produced. Xena produces very true to her famous dam in that she has already had progeny that are in training as top BSP, WUSV, National prospects, has mutliple certified military and Dual purpose dogs serving in Germany, Sweden, and Denmark, and is making outstanding joint health. She is a highly proven top producing female and has made 4 healthy litters in her top breeding career thus far.

  Xena's dam Evita is a direct daughter of the famous sire Sam Beit Haboxer Mehagiva was not only the 2009 WUSV World Champion, but also was the 2010 WUSV Vice World Champion and was 3rd on the FCI for that year as well. Evita produces very true to the excellent working character that her sire Sam possessed. Her sire's famous working sire and dam were also top WUSV competitors and his sire was Reserve National Champion in Israel as well.   Evita possesses an outstanding working pedigree. She is linebred 4-4 on V Udo van't Quentawald, 5-5 on Qukelly von Haus Antverpa, 5-5 on V Troll von der bosen Nachbarschaft, 5-5-5 on Qinto van Haus Nuyens. She goes back on some of the most influential producers seen within the last decade and a half for the working GSD breed and she produces very true to both the working ability and health of her excellent pedigree. Xena's pedigree is equal to her famous dam. Xena is line-bred 3-4 on SG Zender v. Lusondai WUSV, SchH3, IWR3, GHP3, ZPO3, 4-5,5 V Udo van't  Quentawald SchH3, IPO3, 4-5 SG Ulle v. Lusondai SchH3, direct daughter of V  Quattro v. Peroh IPO3, FH1, LG-FCI, who is a direct son of famous working/producing female V Moana von Peroh SchH3, IPO3, LG-FCI.

   Xena is a black upper standard female of excellent speed, gorgeous substance, top working drives, is BH, AK, IPO1 titled,  SG rated, Koer Class 1, A stamped excellent hips/elbows.  She produces offspring with tremendous work ethic that are excellent prospects for serious competitors that train both in IPO, as well as in Ring. Her progeny are FULLY EQUIPPED with proper aggression and are also excellent for demanding realistic working fields.

     This surgical will be done with Congo in Feb. 2019

    Congo Vikar was a true old sentry style working dog and top producing male. He has produced working offspring that may be seen around the World. When Congo was alive, he had formally produced for the previous World Renown Czech Border Patrol breed station Pohranicni Straze. and for our program Van Den Heuvel K9.  He was multiple SchH3, IPO3, ZVV2, V1 rated, Champion of his class in conformation, with 0/0 excellent joints. Congo consistently produces true old style working German Shepherd dogs with a tremendous working versatility. I appreciate the fact that Congo had crushing grips, excellent fight drive, strong overall willingness for the work, tremendous tracking/search ability, all of which he consistently lends to his offspring. 

    There are no words that can truly describe all that Congo was as a top working and producing German Shepherd Dog. He was one of the most outstanding examples of a working line German Shepherd Dog that I have ever owned, and I will never tire of the blessing of being able to raise his working progeny. I love the warmth in character type that he consistently imparts, the true working willingness and absolute desire to please the handler, the versatility in working drives, and the absolute breathtaking beauty that he lends to his offspring.  Congo has been deceased for many years now, but there is not a day that goes by that he is not truly missed within our family. He has been a gift to the working German Shepherd Breed.

Congo and Xena will produce puppies that are suitable for TOP SPORT handlers that also cross train in demanding realistic working fields. We had multiple TOP SPORT prospects in our previously produced Congo x Evita litters and Xena is a direct daughter of Evita who produces just like her famous dam!! These puppies will suitable for both top working handlers that seriously train in multiple sport fields Mondio/Ring, IPO, PSA, SDA, and realistic working fields, and for reliable personal, property, and family companion protection where consistent clear minded protection is needed that is truly reliable. This is also a bloodline combination that will produce super working prospects for top breeding programs where health, conformation, and working versatilty are needed. The resulting progeny will also have an excellent natural approach with children.

Congo's Pedigree
Xena's Pedigree
Proven Bloodline Combination