8X Czech National Championship Competitor, MultipleSchH3, IPO3, ZVV1, ZPS, ZPO1, FH1, FH2, 1st select class, 0/0hips/elbows, temperament pronounced, sire of 63 successful working litters during his breeding career in Europe, son of excellent WUSV/FCI competitor Gero Chmelovy Kvitek, grandson of WUSV Competitor Abbe z Ansy
Cak Pisecna boure has been a highly influential producing stud dog worldwide for the original working German Shepherd Dog. He is truly one of the finest producing stud males to ever be imported into the United States from the Former Communist Block Region. He is able to impart true working strength into his excellent working progeny.

Cak's progeny have not only proven themselves to be extremely strong, versatile, healthy working dogs with super working structure, but they are also proving themselves to be excellent producers as well.

Cak's son is currently being utilized as a top producer for the Former Head of the Border Patrol's own breeding program.

Cak himself has sired 63 successful working litters during his breeding career in Europe. He himself has been an 8x Czech National Championship Competitor, Multiple SchH3, IPO3, ZVV1, ZPS1, ZPO1, FH1, FH2, 1st select breeding class, temperament pronounced, 0/0hips and elbows.

We have been truly fortunate to have the opportunity of adding Cak to our World
Famous  Stud Dog lineup. We would like to thank Jan for allowing our facility the opportunity of owning his former personal dog(Cak!). 

Cak's sire Gero Chmelovy Kvitek was not only a top WUSV/FCI competitor himself, but was also quite an excellent producing stud male. Cak is one of his most noted producing sons to date.

  It is also worth noting that most of the dogs present behind Cak's sires sireline are also WUSV/FCI competitors.

The excellent combination of Cir z Vrtovske doliny and Drago z Humnan's blood is combined perfectly over Ciro z PS and Treu v. Schaferstolz's blood seen behind the sireline.
Van Den Heuvel K9 Puppies Sired By Cak
Examples of titled adults sired by Cak both here with Van Den Heuvel K9 and in Europe.
Hobby Titled: ZM, ZVV1, IPO3, KKL 1Dosky Van Den Heuvel Titled: BH, Personal ProtectionDutch Van Den Heuvel Titled: BH, PDCSDAnsika Titled: SVV1Lary Titled: ZVV1, ZVV2, ZVV3, KKL 1Fox Titled: BH, ZZO, ZM, ZVV1, IPO 1, SchH 1Ester, ZVV1, ZVV2, ZPO 1Wera Titled: ZM, ZOP, ZVV1
18 month old Green Adult Female Maya Van Den Heuvel daughter. Thank you John and Brian for this fun clip.
Green Adult male Dredd Van Den Heuvel.