Congo Vikar SchH 3, IPO 3, ZVV2, 1st select breeding class, V1 rated Champion of the class, 0/0 excellent hips/elbows. Congo has not only been a World Renown producing stud dog for Van Den Heuvel K9, but also produced for the World Renown Border Patrol Stud Dog Lineup, which was the Former Pohranicni Straze breeding station!  He is truly one of the finest hip improvers that have had the blessing of working with. Congo's genetics may be used to vastly improve upon hips, longevity, strength in constitution type, conformation, and versatility in working drives. He is a virtual replica of one of the greatest producing Working Stud Dogs, Gent od Policie IPO3, SchH3, ZVV2, OP1. Congo's bloodlines go back on many of the greats such as, Zar z Pohranicni Straze, Ford v. Ritterberg, Held v. Ritterberg, Golf v. Ritterberg, Hassan v.d. Hasselwiesen, Cessy v. Schieferschloss, Golm v. Baruther Land, Gomo v. Schieferschloss to name a few, and Gent was linebred 5-5 on Ingo v. Rudigen.
Congo is the perfect ideal GSD both in tremendous working abilities and in working conformation type. He truly lived for apprehension work, yet he was very successfully cross trained in sport. He is an extremely serious male that possesses very hard and precise defense. He is equipped with perfect character and is all that we could ask for in an old style producer. This hard civil stud has a massive body and head, with very dark rich pigment, and imparts his offspring with all that he is. His loyalty to his family members is unmatched, as well as his overall ability to work. BELOW ARE TYPICAL EXAMPLES OF CONGO PROGENY.
Congo's Pedigree
Congo Vikar's son Oso Van Den Heuvel is a certified
top Dual Purpose K9 owned by Officer Roselles.
Congo x Bina female pupCongo x Bina 5 wk old femaleAt an early age, Congo puppies exhibit wonderful early presence of working drives, full genetic grip strength, and excellent solid nerves.5 week old Congo female puppy showing a full genetic grip on the rag.5 week old already showing great fight drive!Congo always imparts gorgeous rich pigment, strong blocky head type coupled with excellent boning.8 week old dark black sable Congo daughterHis progeny show excellent natural focus.Gorgeous 8 week old Porche, is the type of female that Congo typically produces.Our beloved Caska Van Den Heuvel, daugther of our legendary Congo Vikar x Amalka z Pohranicni straze combination.7 week old Congo daughter that is a top foundation female for a breeding program here in the States. She is Dual Purpose trained.Congo Vikar granddaughters by Caska VDH x OrryCongo VIkar grandkids by Caska VDH x OrryCaska Van Den HeuvelCongo Vikar's characteristic shine through even seen as the grandsire. This is a 4 week old Orry x Caska VDH female.4 week old Congo Vikar grand daughter through Caska VDH x OrryAnother gorgeous 4 week old female that is a Congo Vikar granddaughter out of his daughter Caska!Another Congo Vikar granddaughter through Caska! Looks like a Congo kid to me. Congo Vikar son Multiple 
SchH 3 Damon Van Den Heuvel Competed in Germany took high point in protection qualified for the Nationals in the StatesTypical 5 month old Congo Vikar son Falco Van Den Heuvel already showing active defense!!5 month old Congo Vikar sonCongo Vikar son Savo Van Den Heuvel  titled in PSA
Congo Vikar's son Damon Van Den Heuvel Multiple SchH 3 titled here in the States as well as in Germany. He took high point  in trial protection while competing in Germany and also qualified for the Nationals here in the States. Damon was out of our famous bloodline combination between Congo and our retired female Exa. He is an ideal example of the versatility that Congo produces. Congo has produced numerous Dual and Single Purpose Police dogs, but also has produced top sport dogs like Damon as well. Damon is also very typical of the structural integrity that Congo imparts into his offspring, as he has certified OFA Excellent hips. Damon is loved by our client Nancy, and we want to thank her for the wonderful job she has done with Damon. Nancy was a handler that originally resided in Holland, but now resides and trains in the States as well as overseas.