DUE TO BE BRED 05/2022

We have a tremendous LONG-STANDING PROVEN GENETIC COMBINATION out of OUR TOP WORKING DRAGO EQIDIUS GRANDDAUGHTER RAVEN VAN DEN HEUVEL A1 EXCELLENT HIPS/ELBOWS, FO, BT, P1, CGC, Raven took high point in trial overall and high point in protection in her P1  x Xero z Pohranicni Straze stood as a direct producer for the former Czech Border Patrol breed station Pohranicni Straze, Xero was directly bred by the former Czech Border Patrol. He is proven over the genetics seen behind both Raven's sire and dam lines.

Our upcoming top working specialty breeding sired by deceased Czech Border Patrol LEGEND XERO Z POHRANICNI STRAZE AND RAVEN VAN DEN HEUVEL is a concentration of  some of the OLDEST AND MOST SUCCESSFUL ORIGINAL CZECH BORDER PATROL & SLOVAK working/producing lines seen anywhere in the WORLD!! There is also the presence of pure old style  W. German working lines seen behind Raven's pedigree. The top foundation producers seen in this original heavily influenced Czech Border Patrol breeding will bring about all of the original working abilities, old style character qualities that we have worked so tirelessly to preserve, and the original conformation style of the old Czech Border Patrol dogs! The puppies will have INCREDIBLE depth of rich dark pigmentation seen in mostly in true black sable, dark sable, and bi-color .

Raven Van Den Heuvel (P1 High Point In Trial /High Point In Protection), BT, FO, CGC, A1 excellent hips/elbows is expecting a truly outstanding upcoming litter by our top producing DECEASED Czech Border Patrol Legend Xero z Pohranicni SchH3, IPO3, 0/0 excellent hips/elbows, 1st select breed class. Raven is an exceptional working female that has wonderful natural aggression, natural territorial guarding, outstanding overall working drives, ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING GRIP STRENGTH, and endless ball drive coupled with wonderful food motivation. She is a truly SUPER WORKING FEMALE with extreme natural working drives/talent. She has obtained multiple working titles by the time she turned two including taking high point in trial and high point in protection in her most recent WDA trial. 

Our Raven is a direct daughter of 3x WUSV World Competitor Passat Eqidius who is a direct Son or our DECEASED LEGEND DRAGO!! Raven is also a direct daughter of our retired female Maxima(SVV1, SG, 1st Select Breed Class, A1 excellent hips/elbows) who is a direct daughter of Luca vom alten Schemel and granddaughter of Mac von der kine. Raven also goes back on a full pedigree extremely powerful maternal working lines which I believe are vitally important to have in a top working and producing female. Some of the famous working/producing dogs that I would like to point out in her pedigree are Hektor vom Talka Marda 4x BSP, WUSV, IPO3, SchH3, she goes back on the famous W. Eqidius litter which produced her top producing great grand dam Wonny Eqidius IPO3, SchH3, FH2, but also World Renown working 2012 Vice World Champion Witz, top producing Ellute v.der Mohnwiese 2x BSP, IPO3, SchH3, FH1 top producing stud dog whose littermate was the Legendary working dog Eros who was 5x's on the WUSV, 2x WUSV World Champion, Tom van't Leefdaalhof 99' WUSV World Champion, Ernst v. Weinbergblick LG&BSP Sieger, 2x WUSV 3rd in 99', 3x BSP, Czech Border Patrol producing/working great Tom z Pohranicni Straze, Slovak WUSV working/producing great Honza Okal IPO3, SchH3, ZVV2, through the working/producing Slovak LEGEND Car z Kostolianskej cesty, Slovak working champion, SVV3, IPO3, SLP1, PZ2, SZP1, top producing Slovak female Jenny Eqidius.

We are thrilled to have Raven in our top working/producing female lineup. We owned both Raven's dam Maxima and Raven's grand dam Ugne who were females that were a direct part of our top female line-up. Raven's grand dam, Ugne, was a super working female titled SVV1, BH, IPO3, SG Rated, 1st Select Breed Class, with A1 excellent hips/elbows. 

The line-breeding present in Raven's working pedigree will further concentrate the working talent that will be naturally present in her offspring. Raven is a 3-4 linebreeding on World Renown Nash who is the legendary direct sire of Drago. There is also linebreeding present on Jenny Eqidius, and on her world renown producing sire WUSV/FCI Honza Okal through his famous sire Car. Honza was the most famous 1/2 brother in the world to our deceased legend Norbo Ben Ju. Prior to our Drago being the top producing sire of all time out of Slovakia, this was an honor held by Norbo Ben Ju's World Renown Producing sire Car. Also worth noting is the linebreeding present on Zena vom Lisdorferland, and on Aly am Brenkelberg.

  Raven's famous working and producing great grand dam Wonny behind her grand dam Ugne is the full sister to 2012 Vice World Champion Witz. His performance was exceptional and his protection was extremely hard. Raven's excellent producing grandsire Luca and great grandsire Mac von der Kine were both well known for their top hip/elbow improvement.

  I would also like to point out that two of the finest producing females of all time from Slovakia are also present in Raven's wonderful pedigree. Veronika and Nike are both top producing females that have produced some of the finest WUSV/National, and top producers from the Slovak region. Not only have they both produced top National and International level working dogs for the sport, they have also produced exceptional military/dual purpose service dogs with excellent natural aggression. Nike and Veronika were also well known hip/elbow improvers, so joint improvement is key throughout her pedigree.

What can I say about Raven's World Renown Grandsire Drago?!! He is a wonderful stallion of a male that has been a World Renown producing stud dog. He is a V rated excellent male that is 1st select breed class, with a very hard/pronounced temperament, SchH3, IPO3, SVV1 titled, and proven producer of multiple top WUSV competitors, the # 1 working German Shepherd female in the World in 2012, WUSV qualifying winners, national championship winners including the Ukraine's National Championship winner, and countless dual purpose service dogs. He is a Legend and we are blessed to own him.

Here are some of the tremendous highlights in Drago's World Renown breeding career: 

1) Sire of the top working German Shepherd females in the WORLD 2011, 2012, 2013, and for 2014

2) Daughter Geischa was 3rd on the 2012 WUSV 

3) Drago daughter was the 2011 WUSV universalseiger winner 

4) Sire of Multiple World Team competitors representing on the WUSV for the last several years in a row

5) Sire of multiple national level winners including Ukraine's National winning dog and National winners in Slovakia

6) Sire of countless certified working Dual Purpose service dogs serving in multiple countries

7) Brother(1/2), through Nash, was the 2012 WUSV Vice World Champion ONLY 1 POINT BEHIND 2012 WINNING DOG HANK

8) # 1 producing stud dog out of Slovakia of ALL TIME and one of the top ranked producing stud dogs seen in the world.

9) 2 out of the 3 dogs representing on team Slovakia for the 2013 FCI WIN were of our Drago's bloodline

10) The 2013 FCI INDIVIDUAL World Champion, Chris, is Drago's grandson through his WUSV working son Faro.

11) Drago's daughter Original WON the 2014 WUSV / FCI Qualifier in Slovakia! Currently # 1 working German Shepherd female seen in Slovakia and another International level working daughter up and coming by Drago.  

Here are Original's Video Clips during the WUSV/FCI qualifier 1st place win:



12) Drago's direct son Passat was a WUSV qualifying Champion and in the top 11 dogs on the 2017 WUSV!!

Very few stud dogs can boast the kind of proven breeding results of Drago 

I feel very fortunate to have Xero z Pohranicni Straze within our famous program due to his exceptional ability to stamp his progeny with his excellent character and enormous taste for the work.

A TRUE LEGEND FROM THE FORMER CZECH BORDER PATROL!! Xero z Pohranicni straze(SchH 3, IPO 3) was imported by Van Den Heuvel K9 for our Clients Doug and Kristy as of Jan. 2002. Xero z PS has been an exclusive and intricate part of our world renown breeding program. 

Xero z PS is Grim z Pohranicni Straze's (ZVV3,IPO3,SchH3) most famous and long standing producing son. Xero's offspring have been unmatched in quality, structure, and sound temperment. Xero corrects pigment issues, imparts incredible natural civil aggression/active defensive reactions, huge hunt drive and deep natural noses, rock solid nerve base, massive head type, thick boning, and robust body style into his offspring. He is a vast improver where strength in nerve base, and height of working drives are needed. 

 Xero is rated velmi dobry, first select breeding class, IPO 3, SchH 3, excellent hips and clear elbows.

Xero z Pohranicni Straze is a male that possesses perfect social character type outstanding drives to the toys, excellent complete prey drives, and strong civil. He is very quick to come into defense when his territory or family are threatened. He has a superb taste for the work in all three phases, and possesses a very strong willingness to please his handler on all levels. 

Xero has all the finest possible qualities to lend to his offspring, and has proven time and again that he gives all that he is to his progeny.

Xero is a direct son of deceased LEGEND Grim z PS, and is linebred on the famous stud dogs Kaso z Pohranicni straze 3-2 and 4-3 on Iwo v.d. Buscheke. Iwo and Kaso imprinted their offspring with excellent character, temperament type, pigmentation, and strength in working abilities. Xero possesses the very strongest direct bloodlines from the Czech Border Patrol (Pohranicni Straze) breed station. What a wonderful producing stud dog to perserve the original working German Shepherd Dog in the United States.

With Xero's natural hardness, sheer power, enormous working drive, and top ability to produce, he fits right in with our lineup and the style of offspring that we are known to produce.

The resulting puppies are suitable for TOP SPORT handlers that also cross train in demanding realistic working fields, Mondio/Ring, IPO, PSA, WDA, Single Purpose, Dual Purpose, Military, for reliable personal, property, and family companion protection where consistent clear minded protection is needed. This is also a bloodline combination that will produce super working prospects for top breeding programs where longevity, conformation, and working versatilty are needed.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Mary Lou for your wonderful team work with Kimber, to Todd for all of your excellent helper work, and to Joe for your beautiful photos!!
Xero's Pedigree
Raven Van Den Heuvel P1 High Point In Trial & High Point In Protection, BT, FO, CGC, A1 Excellent Hips/Elbows
 Raven's Pedigree