We have a tremendous 2x top proven repeat litter out of our SOLID BLACK FEMALE XENA WHO IS A TOP PRODUCING DIRECT DAUGHTER OF OUR World Renown Producing  female EVITA who is a direct daughter of 2009 WUSV World Champion, 2010 WUSV Vice World Champion Sam, sired by our WORLD RENOWN LEGEND IMMO!!

Please see many wonderful videos below of  this long-standing bloodline combination of Immo over Evita and her famous producing daughters. Their are many videos to view of what this excellent genetic combination produces!!
      Whelp Date: 01/2020
We are sincerely looking forward to our excellent 2x Proven REPEAT upcoming litter between our top producing living legend Immo out of our Famous producing female Xena!  We have successfully produced WUSV prospects, National prospects, and certified Dual Purpose and Military working offspring by Immo with Evita and Evita's top producing daughters. Xena produced a truly exceptional working litter with Immo, and very similar working progeny have been produced directly between Immo and Evita and her other daughters seen in our program. We have had excellent joint health, strong nerve base, high versatility in overall working drives, and wonderful working willingness from our Immo/Evita bloodline breedings.  Their offspring may be seen in the finest military/police programs in the States, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, as well as National/WUSV prospects in training both stateside and overseas from this incredible genetic combination. We currently have a WUSV prospect in training in Sweden by Immo x Xena's first litter. Xena has also produced offspring that make incredible family/personal companion protection dogs since all of her offspring have rock solid nerve base and a natural approach with children.

Our Xena is BH, AD, IPO1 titled, KKl 1, certified excellent hips/elbows a1 normal has produced excellent working offspring that may be seen in top breeding and working dog programs around the world.  Xena is a direct grand daughter of the # 1 working dog in the world in 2009 and # 2 working dog in the world in 2010. Sam was 09' WUSV World Champion and 10" WUSV Vice World Champion. All of the top working/producing female and male offspring standing in famous working dog programs from this long-standing proven genetic combination have all have had certified excellent joints(a1 normal). All of the daughters that we have held back from Evita for our own program have also certified a1 excellent(normal). She has been a truly incredible improver in joint health and in working ability and Xena has followed suit in producing like her dam. 

Xena herself is a highly self confident female with excellent natural defense/civil aggression, endless ball drive, a super deep nose for tracking, and lives for protection work. She is naturally territorial, has a super approach with children, and is an excellent mother.

Xena makes full sets of teeth, does not produce cryptorchid males, produces standard coat type, excellent hips/elbows, and wonderful natural working character type.

 Xena is line-bred on the following top working/producing dogs 3-4 WUSV World Championship competitor, SchH3, IWR3, GHP3, IPO3 Zender v. Lusondai, 4-5,5 Udo van't  Quentawald, 4-5 Ulle v. Lusondai. Xena's World Renown dam Evita is linebred 4-4 on V Udo van't Quentawald, 5-5 on Qukelly von Haus Antverpa, 5-5 on V Troll von der bosen Nachbarschaft, 5-5-5 on Qinto van Haus Nuyens.


I feel very fortunate to have Immo within our famous program due to his exceptional ability to stamp his progeny with his excellent character and enormous taste for the work.

Immo is from the LEGENDARY producing Nash bloodline. Nash's two most successful producing sons seen worldwide were our DECEASED LEGEND Drago and 2x WUSV Goran. This is very exciting for our program, since we now have both Drago and Goran's gene pool within our frozen semen stores. With Immo, we will be able to linebreed upon Nash through his two most successful producing sons Drago and Goran. In breeding Immo to our Drago daughters, or our Immo daughters back over Drago's, frozen semen, we will have the opportunity to have future working legends in the making! Immo is Goran's top producing son seen worldwide, and we have a deep appreciation for what he has given to the breed.

When referring to Immo's working character, this is honestly one of the most serious dogs I have personally encountered. He is very similar to my deceased LEGEND Congo, in overall character type, in referencing sharpness, hardness, and just true civil aggression. Even though Immo is of German descent, he is so true to the character type that you used to see in the old sentry style Czech Border Patrol dogs that were used during communism. This is one of the many reasons why Immo is seen within our program. He is a truly amazing old style working dog of tremendous talent, exceptional old German working lines, with a wonderful ability to produce.

Immo is also quite nice to behold. He is a stallion of a male with a MASSIVE head type, robust body style, huge boning, and excellent old style working structure. In appearance, he is cross between our deceased LEGENDS Norbo Ben Ju and Drago Eqidius, so he is gorgeous to look at!

With his natural hardness, sheer power, enormous working drive, and top ability to produce, he fits right in with our lineup and the style of offspring that we are known to produce.

This is a super bloodline combination for breeders looking to bring back highly successful proven producing German working lines into their pedigrees, for genetics that need further structuring for bringing about more consistency in the resulting progeny, for programs that need to improve the depth of pigmentation in their resulting progeny, for improvement in true versatility in overall drives, strength in nerve base, for TOP SPORT, families and individuals looking for clear minded and serious reliable protection, for Dual and Single purpose, military, and scent application. 

Below Are Some Video Examples Of Some Of Immo x Evita's Previously Produced Offspring, and Videos Of Immo x Tasja's(Evita's daughter) Progeny
Immo's Pedigree
Xena's Pedigree