Outstanding 2x Proven Repeat Breeding Coming By Deceased LEGEND Sire/Grandsire Of National/World Champions Drago Eqidius Out Of Direct Daughter Of Deceased LEGEND Immo!!
   Due To Be Bred     
   April/May 2022!!

We have a tremendous upcoming  2x proven repeat litter due to be bred in 04/2022 out of a TOP working DIRECT IMMO X TASJA DAUGHTER Sadie J Van Den Heuvel who is titled in WDA: TKN, FO, PA, CGC with AKC, A1 excellent hips, good elbows, bred to our Deceased  LEGEND DRAGO EQIDIUS BH, SChH3, IPO3, KKl 1, A1, V rated excellent hips/elbows!!

SADIE J VAN DEN HEUVEL IS TITLED IN WDA: FO, TKN, PA, & AKC CGC, A1 normal(excellent) hips/ good elbows is a top working daughter of our long-standing genetic cross of our DECEASED LEGEND IMMO OUT OF OUR TASJA. TASJA IS A DIRECT DAUGHTER OF OUR RETIRED FEMALE EVITA WHO IS A DIRECT DAUGHTER OF 2009 WUSV WORLD CHAMPION 2010 VICE WORLD CHAMPION  SAM BEIT HABOXER MEHAGIVA.  Sadie is an exceptionally hard biting, extremely driven female with VERY REAL AGGRESSION. She is just a super girl, and has the most PERFECT hips you could ever ask for. She is certified A1 excellent in her hips with good elbows. 

Our 2x proven repeat upcoming breeding between Sadie and Drago is a concentration of extremely old pure Slovak /German working lines.  This is a wonderful line-breeding that encompasses Nash's two most famous producing sons Drago and 2x WUSV Competitor Goran (Immo's famous sire).  This is a 2-4 Nash v. Lisdorferland SchH3, IPO3, 3x BSP, 3-5 Aly am Brenkelberg SchH3, IPO3, 3-5 Zena v. Lisdorferland. Sadie is also a granddaughter of our famous producing female Evita(daughter of 2009 WUSV World Champion, 2010 WUSV Vice World Champion)  who was an exceptional producing female of both health and top working ability.  Evita not only has been a proven top producing female herself, she imparted this ability into her excellent working/producing daughters.  Evita's daughters Tasja(Sadie's Dam) and Xena have already produced National and WUSV prospects along with many certified Dual Purpose and Military dogs seen in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and here in the States. 

What can I say about Drago?!! He is a wonderful stallion of a male that has been a World Renown producing stud dog. He is a V rated excellent male that is 1st select breed class, with a very hard/pronounced temperament, SchH3, IPO3, SVV1 titled, and proven producer of multiple top WUSV competitors, the # 1 working German Shepherd female in the World in 2012, WUSV qualifying winners, national championship winners including the Ukraine's National Championship winner, and countless dual purpose service dogs. He is a Legend and we are blessed to own him.

Here are some of the tremendous highlights in Drago's World Renown breeding career: 

1) Sire of the top working German Shepherd females in the WORLD 2011, 2012, 2013, and for 2014

2) Daughter Geischa was 3rd on the 2012 WUSV 

3) Drago daughter was the 2011 WUSV universalseiger winner 

4) Sire of Multiple World Team competitors representing on the WUSV for the last several years in a row

5) Sire of multiple national level winners including Ukraine's National winning dog and National winners in Slovakia

6) Sire of countless certified working Dual Purpose service dogs serving in multiple countries

7) Brother(1/2), through Nash, was the 2012 WUSV Vice World Champion ONLY 1 POINT BEHIND 2012 WINNING DOG HANK

8) # 1 producing stud dog out of Slovakia of ALL TIME and one of the top ranked producing stud dogs seen in the world.

9) 2 out of the 3 dogs representing on team Slovakia for the 2013 FCI WIN were of our Drago's bloodline

10) The 2013 FCI INDIVIDUAL World Champion, Chris, is Drago's grandson through his WUSV working son Faro.

11) Drago's daughter Original WON the 2014 WUSV / FCI Qualifier in Slovakia! Currently # 1 working German Shepherd female seen in Slovakia and another International level working daughter up and coming by Drago.  

12) Drago's direct son Passat was a WUSV qualifying Champion and in the top 11 dogs on the 2017 WUSV!!

Very few stud dogs can boast the kind of proven breeding results of Drago. We have truly enjoyed placing Drago's progeny with out clients over the years.

The resulting puppies are suitable for TOP SPORT handlers that also cross train in demanding realistic working fields, Mondio/Ring, IPO, PSA, WDA, Single Purpose, Dual Purpose, Military, for reliable personal, property, and family companion protection where consistent clear minded protection is needed. This is also a bloodline combination that will produce super working prospects for top breeding programs where longevity, conformation, health, and working versatilty are needed.

Sadie's Pedigree
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Sadie J Van Den Heuvel's Famous Producing Sire Immo, Dam Tasja, Granddam Evita, Grandsire Goran, G. Grandsire Nash Photos Below
Drago's Pedigree
Sadie As A 9 Week Old Pup Video Clips Below
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