Xanta (ZVV1 titled, SG rated, 1st select breeding class, 0/0 excellent hips/elbows) is a gorgeously conformed black sable female with a lovely head type. She has wonderful rich, dark pigmentation, large elegant working conformation, and a wonderful working temperament type.

Xanta is an excellent proven producing female of extremely high breeding value. She has a PERFECT working pedigree designed specifically to produce progeny that are excellent prospects for both top sport and working service fields.

Xanta is a direct daughter of World Renown Javir vom Talka Marda SCHH3 (V-BSP, SG-WUSV-WM), IPO3, BUNDESSIEGER 08 Xanta's sire was a top World Team competitor and Universal Bundessieger Winner and is a very strong, consistent proven producing male of excellent working progeny with strong overall health! He has produced many titled and working offspring including multiple BSP. He consistently produces strong backs, proper joint health, and several with V rated excellent working conformation. Javir has also presented a progeny group at the 2009 German Seiger Show, which is relatively uncommon to see from a 100% working line dog. He is a male with tremendous work ethic and works with over the top enthusiasm. His grips are crushing, he possesses tremendous fight, and is a true working machine in obedience. Xanta's grand dam seen behind Javir(his dam) is an absolute working legend as well,  4x BSP/WUSV competitor. Xanta inherited many of his excellent qualities both in working ability and in character type.

Xanta's Pedigree
Her dam is also a tremendously famous working and producing female Bara. Bara was multiple SchH3, IPO3, ZVV3, ZPS1, ZPO1, Czech National Championship competitor. She was very heavily utilized as a top producing female throughout her working/breeding career overseas.

I appreciate this bloodline combination very much because it is structured to preserve proper aggression levels coupled with excellent working drives which have been lost in so many dogs that you are seeing today.

Xanta will be bred to our Legendary sire and proven producer of multiple WUSV competitors representing multiple countries Orry. Having Orry and Javir seen within the first and second generations make for a very exciting upcoming litter.

Xanta consistently produces very large robust body style, excellent dark pigmentation, large blocky head type, and strong working willingness in her offspring. They have early presence of proper aggression levels, strong solid nerve base, and wonderful versatility. She also produces very clear minded dogs with a great approach with children making her offspring a joy to live and train with.

  Xanta is ZVV1, 1st select breeding class, SG rated, 0/0 excellent hips and elbows, and absolutely pronounced temperament. She is a female with tremendous working character type. She will do anything for the ball as a reward. She has extreme ball drive, very strong overall prey drives, has perfect obedience, and  hard protection. She bites with full, calm, very hard grips, and will bite for real on the suit and hidden training aids.

She loves our children and has excellent working character type. She has a wonderful old style working character and settles easily in the home environment.

Examples of Xanta's Progeny with our family
Noteworthy accomplishments by Xanta's sire
SV Bundesleistungssieger IPO 2008   1.Platz
SV WUSV USA/Kentucky 2008 - 3.Platz
SV Mannschaftsweltmeister IPO 2008
SV BSP - Meisterschaft IPO 2007 -
SV Universalsieger 2007
SV WUSV SK/Bratislava 2007 - 11.Platz
SV Vizemannschaftsweltmeister IPO 2007

Javir von Talka Marda photos and videos