We have a VERY EXCITING 4X PROVEN REPEAT FROZEN SEMEN SPECIALITY LITTER out of our excellent black sable female Bomba BH, IPO1 Level trained, cross trained in apprehension/scent work, SG rated, temperament pronounced, 0/0 certified excellent jointssired by our WORLD RENOWN PRODUCING STUD MALE DRAGO (SchH3, IPO3, V rated excellent, A1 certified joints)

Bomba is an ( BH, IPO1 level trained, fully cross trained in apprehension and prepared for military work 0/0 certified excellent hips/elbows, SG rated, temperament pronounced)   Bomba is exceptional on the suit, in muzzle work, and has a deep natural nose for scent work. She is a truly SUPER WORKING FEMALE with extreme natural working drives/working talent.

Our Bomba is a direct daughter of our former top producing female Ulrike Eqidius. Ulrike was an exceptionally hard working female that produced excellent working progeny, for our program, sired by our Legendary producing stud dog Orry. Ulrike's B. litter sired by Norman produced Bomba's excellent working dam Bega.  Bega's littermate sister Besi is also superb producing female that is titled SchH3, IPO3, SVV2 and has produced some excellent and very notable working dogs as has Bega.

We are thrilled to have Bomba producing in our Elite female lineup, as her pedigree is one that is second to none, and she is everything that a superb producing/working female should be in character type.

Bomba goes back on top VERY OLD Slovak Military /Top Competition working blood and W. German Int. working lines. Her famous working sire, Issac v. Bracheler See, SchH3, BSP, WUSV, FH1, is a truly super working/ strong producing male of true old style working offspring of excellent health. Some of the other very notable working/world renown producing dogs/female seen within Bomba's excellent pedigree are Olex de Valsory 4 x BSP, 3x LGA, 3x LG-FCI, SchH3, Nick v. Heiligenbosch, WUSV, 3x BSP, SchH3, FH1, Half v. Ruhbachtal SchH3, FH1, Ina v. Haus Gard, Yoschy v. der Dollenwiese, BSP, LGA, SchH3, Norman Eqidius, IPO3, SchH3, SVV1, Xino v. Roy's Hoeve, WUSV, SchH3, Legendary producing female Nike Eqidius, BSP, SchH3, FH2, Aly v. Vordersteinwald, SVV2, IPO3, SchH3, Arne Eqidius, IPO3, SchH1, Ulrike Eqidius IPO2, SVV1, Honza Okal, IPO3, SchH3, WUSV, Car z Kostolianskej cesty (Norbo Ben Ju's Legendary producing sire)

  The working history, strength in nerve base, and consistency produced by both her sireline and damline may be fully seen/established in the multiple top working dogs/females that have been produced.

     Bomba is a female that have a deep and immense respect for in how exceptional she is as a proven producing Shepherd .  She is a really strong bitch and is of VERY high breeding value. She has produced outstanding strength in constitution along with excellent joint health. We have had excellent hips and elbows by Drago x Bomba.

What can I say about Drago?!! He is a wonderful stallion of a male that has been a World Renown producing stud dog. He is a V rated excellent male that is 1st select breed class, with a very hard/pronounced temperament, SchH3, IPO3, SVV1 titled, and proven producer of multiple top WUSV competitors, the # 1 working German Shepherd female in the World last year, WUSV qualifying winners, national championship winners including the Ukraine's National Championship winner, and countless dual purpose service dogs. He is a Legend and we are blessed to own him.

Here are some of the tremendous highlights in Drago's World Renown breeding career:

1) Sire of the top working German Shepherd females in the WORLD 2011, 2012, 2013, and projected for 2014

2) Daughter Geischa was 3rd on the 2012 WUSV

3) Drago daughter was the 2011 WUSV universalseiger winner

4) Sire of Multiple World Team competitors representing on the WUSV for the last several years in a row

5) Sire of multiple national level winners including Ukraine's National winning dog and National winners in Slovakia

6) Sire of countless certified working Dual Purpose service dogs serving in multiple countries

7) Brother(1/2), through Nash, was the 2012 2nd place WUSV Reserve Champion ONLY 1 POINT BEHIND 2012 WINNING DOG HANK

8) # 1 producing stud dog out of Slovakia of ALL TIME and one of the top ranked producing stud dogs seen in the world.

9) 2 out of the 3 dogs representing on team Slovakia for the 2013 FCI WIN were of our Drago's bloodline

10) The 2013 FCI INDIVIDUAL WINNER, Chris, is Drago's grandson through his WUSV working son Faro.

11) Drago's daughter Original WON the 2014 WUSV / FCI Qualifier in Slovakia! Currently # 1 working German Shepherd female seen in Slovakia and another International level working daughter up and coming by Drago.  

Here are Original's Video Clips during the WUSV/FCI qualifier 1st place win:

12) Drago's direct son Passat was a WUSV qualifying Champion and in the top 11 dogs on the 2017 WUSV!!

Very few stud dogs can boast the kind of proven breeding results of Drago. This is why I stated we have been truly blessed to have had him. It is not something that I take for granted. I am truly grateful to have owned Drago, he is dearly missed now that he has passed away, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to provide our clients with his excellent working progeny through our frozen semen stores. He was just an exceptional dog all the way around.

There are a number of highly influential working and producing dogs seen within this proven carefully structured linebreeding. Here is the structured linebreeding on the following greats that have made a huge impact on the preservation of top working ability in the working GSD breed:

•4,3 - 5........................................... in V Aly vom Vordersteinwald
•3 - 5............................................. in G Arne Eqidius
•2 - 4............................................. in 5JV5/5,5 P 1.TR. Nike Eqidius

This  is an outstanding 4x proven repeat breeding combination that produces beauty in working conformation, extremely dark rich pigmentation seen in the coat patterns of mostly black sables with mahogany undertones, dark sables, and nearly black bi-colors,  rock solid nerve base, excellence in character type, and absolute talent in all three phases of work making the resulting progeny, from this well thought out bloodline combination, a true joy to live and train with.  Their previous progeny have had excellent hips/elbows. The resulting progeny will be highly suitable for true working GSD enthusiasts that need progeny to improve working capabilities, depth of pigment, health, and proper working conformation in their breeding programs, enthusiasts that need working progeny for top sport, Dual Purpose, tracking/trailing/detection, PSA, Ring Sport, agility, family/personal protection. Drago and Bomba's offspring are very clear minded with sound approaches with children, and are enjoyed by true GSD enthusiasts. We were blessed to have several National as well as International working prospects produced in their previous litters.

Drago's Pedigree
Bomba's Pedigree
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