Gita's Offspring
Lars Van Den Heuvel, is pictured here at 8 months of age, and is a Gita Ste-Kot and Congo Vikar son. He is an outstanding solid black male with a substantial male head, and excellent bone. Lars is a very balanced male with super strong working drives. He is social, yet full of defense at the young age of 8 months. He is a very versatile male that possesses the working drives to excel in a variety of working fields.
Tsavo Van Den Heuvel is pictured here and below at 12 months of age. He is an absolutely gorgeous dark black sable male out of Gita Ste-Kot by Congo Vikar. Tsavo possesses perfect working drives in all phases.
Photos courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Alexander.
Ren Van Den Heuvel pictured at 20 weeks old is out of Gita Ste-Kot and by Congo Vikar. Ren possesses perfect temperament type, excellent characteristic retrieve drive, high prey, and strong bite drive. He has a great future as a strong working dog. Photo courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Hucke.
Owned by Mr.& Mrs. Alexander
5 month old Tsavo Van Den Heuvel
12 month old Tsavo Van Den Heuvel