Besana possesses outstanding characteristic retrieve drive, is very strong and committed during her protection work, and her nerves are absolutely sure. She is very sound  and affectionate with children, has the ideal degree of natural  suspicion of strangers, however demostrates correct social character when no threat presents itself.  She is a very territorial female that is superb in independantly protecting the property. Her civil and defense is active and quite impressive.

Besana is linbred 3-4 on Top Producing East German Stud Dog Lord v Gleisdreieck SchIII FHIII DDR Koer:5436/54
Lord was a top producing male who was renowned for imparting excellent working drives into his offspring and one of the finest producers of sound hips(producing good-excellent hips around 98.5% success rate). Lord was the Bundessieger winner in 1985, 86 and 87. To add to his credits he earned the East European Champion in 1985 and 87.
Lord had a very long successful list of outstanding working progeny. There were 15 BSP competitors within that list.
     Besana is a wonderful working/producing female that has produced outstanding offspring in both Europe and for our elite facility here in the States. She is SVV1 titled, select class, pronouced courage, hardness willingness to fight, A stamped hips with clear elbows.
Besana's working pedigree is truly a tough one to surpass. She possesses the very finest Top East German/CzechSlovak working bloodlines. We worked very hard to bring Besana into the States because her pedigree, working drives, and what she has produced will be excellent for the preservation of the true working German Shepherd dog.

     Besana is also linebred 4-5 on Jeff v. Flamings Sand, and 5-6 on Ingo v. Rudingen. Besana is a well known producer of certified working Dual Purpose dogs, sport dogs, and clear balanced minds with perfect nerves. Her offspring also possess excellent prey/retrieve drives for high success in the sport.

Her offspring are ideal for the avid working enthusiast, the family that wishes to have a German Shepherd with correct nerves, pigment, and trainabilty, and working line German Shepherd breeders that wish to improve upon the structural integrity, working drives, and pigment in their bloodlines.