I am writing this letter to show our appreciation of the professionalism and dedication you have given to us throughout our experience with VandenhuevelK9. Words can't express the love we have for Tala.  We could not have imagined a perfect fit for our family. She is highly intelligent and very loving.  As each week goes by, we proudly watch her as she grows in leaps and bounds.  We receive compliments on her everywhere and are constantly asked where we got her. VandenheuvelK9 has done a remarkable job for the breed.  Her temperament is exactly what we wanted.  She is not too hard, but definitely not soft and has nerves of steel. I haven't seen anything scare her yet. We take her everywhere we go and introduce her to as many things possible.  She loves walking through Lowe's and is always confident with her head high and tail wagging.   She is very noble and has lots of character.
  When we received Tala, at 9 weeks old, she was already well socialized and potty trained.  I thank you for working with her so much and thank your boys for the great interaction. It has definitely payed off and is a part of who she is today. Tala has been brought into many situations with other dogs of many breeds, sizes and ages, and she carries herself with confidence and always has her head high, with her tail wagging. It is easy to be good ambassadors for the GSD, with such great bloodlines.  Tala is now almost 15 weeks old and is 42 lbs, with amazing nerves and a big heart. She is solid and has great bone structure. Tala is the prodigy of Vixie and Orry and we expect her to be a strong and healthy 80 plus pounds, much like her mom. She has Orry's face, with mom's big-boned stout body. She is a beautiful German Shepherd.  Rachael, Jasmyne, and I love coming home and spending lots of time with her. Tala always greets us with a big smile and is always happy.  She is doing well with Shadow (our cat) and they will soon be buddies.
  I have sent you some pictures of her at 13 weeks and younger, but we will send some new pictures in the next week or two. It has been a pleasure to work with both of you and I recommend Vandenheuvelk9 to anyone interested in a serious working German Shepherd.

With our sincere gratitude,

Jason, Rachael, Jasmyne, Shadow & Tala


Thank you for all you've done, for your patience, time, faithfulness, and most of all for the opportunity you've given me to have this wondeful dog in my home. Dante amazes me everyday with his intelligence and how quick he learns. I couldn't ask for a better pup.

James Hamady