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                  April 30, 2001
Dari & John:

Greetings from Montana to you and your family.

Odin is settled in with us now.  He is getting along with the whole family including our older dog.  She gets a little crabby with him sometimes, but moves out of the way when she does not want to be bothered.  He has been very patient even with our grandchildren crawling over him.

Odin has been doing well with no problems other than scratching from dry skin in the dry Montana climate.  He is friendly and well behaved.  He is good in the house, but I listen for what he may be up to.  He is so tall that he can rest his chin on the kitchen counter.  He has grabbed some snacks so we try to keep things out of his reach.

We have gotten into our daily routine.  Odin comes to work with me every day.  I don't think I could get out of the house without him.  He is well behaved in the office.  We do a lunch time walk every day.

The sheriff from Boulder is a long time owner of German Shepherds and seems to be impressed with Odin.  He tried on a padded sleeve last week and Odin knew what to do with it; a good bark, lunge and bite.  He was curious to ask why the people in Czechoslovakia were willing to part with him.  What should I tell him?

Now that Odin is settled, we are going to work with him to refresh his obedience and protection training. 
Thank you very much for your help.  Odin is a great dog!

Steven Shapiro