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Bodie is a titled personal companion protection dog.
Rauna and Curt are the proud owners of him!
Hello Dari and John:

  Bodie is wonderful.  He seems to be settling in very
well, even after just two days.  Curt and I are enjoying him immensly --

  It was very hard to leave him this morning and head to work.  Thank you so much for recommending him.  He is just what we were looking
for.  RAUNA
Dari:  Bodie is GREAT.  He is everything we have been looking for.  I have him here at work with me today, and he is lying down a few feet from me, being as quiet as can be.  Although we got him to protect our house, we are having a hard time leaving him home alone.  We enjoy having him around, and we hate the idea of putting him back in his
kennel.  We have had to kennel him on a couple of occasions for a 2 to 3 hour period, and he is never happy about it.  I don't blame him -- I would not be happy getting in the kennel either, had I just spent two
days in it flying to my new home.
Bodie and Curt at home.
Bodie is adjusting very nicely.  We took him to a "protection-work"
session with the trainer last Saturday, and he did really well. 

We planned to just have him watch the other dogs, but Bodie seemed anxious for a bite, and the trainer felt he was ready, and he was also anxious to see Bodie work.  Bodie impressed everyone -- my friends, the trainer, and the aggitator.  He was quick to respond, and reacted many times before Curt and I could even give him his command.

The trainer said his police training definitely showed through.  When the agitator put on the bite suit, Bodie knew when to "out" and when to "re-engage" without
even being told.
We have tried to incorporate Bodie into our lives by taking him for  rides, bringing him to work, taking him to the beach, playing with him in the pool, and I'm about to take him to lunch at our favorite out-door restaurant, where he has become somewhat of a fixture already.  I'll keep you posted on his progress, and will try to e-mail some photos soon.  Thank you again for leading us to Bodie. We wanted you to know how much we love him.  RAUNA
  Dari and John: 

  We are having a great time with Bodie.  We are trying to get our digital camera to work.  If we do, we'll e-mail you a photo or two. 

  His ball drive is extreme and he is very focused.  He is also extremely curious -- about everything.  His curiosity got the better of him yesterday and he ended up in our pool and decided he liked it.  He was a hoot.  He's adjusting to the Caribbean, kicking back in our pool, and playing on the beach.  He's taking to island life quite well, and shedding a small cloud.
He is providing us with much entertainment.



Bodie is the perfect dog.  Although I know you handle many great dogs, I can't imagine a dog better than our Bo.  Thank-you again for bringing him into
our lives.



  We continue to work Bodie on an almost weekly basis.  We have been doing some pretty real-life scenarios, working him in town in areas where we park,  outside our places of work, etc.  The trainer/agitator enjoys working with him, and usually puts more pressure on Bodie than he does the other dogs  -- Bodie handles it very well.  He figures things out so quickly, and never hesitates.  Its amazing that a dog as strong as he is during bite-work sessions can also be so sweet around people.  He fits into our family perfectly.
I hope all is well with you and your family.  Rauna
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