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  Hello Dari,

  I wanted to tell you thank you for sending the copies of Bishara and Dosky's
papers.  We really do appreciate it.  We wanted to send you some pictures of JamaKa.  She has grown so much! 

  We have received so many compliments on how beautiful she is!  We have her in obedience school right now, and she is doing great!  Well, we hope you like the pictures, thanks again for JamaKa, and we will talk with you soon.

Randy & Beth Lind

  Dari, Hi!

  I hope everything is going well with you and your family. We are doing great and so is JamaKa. I have been meaning to send you some updated pictures but I just have not had a chance. I will do that in the next week or two. She is growing so much I can't for you to see her. She is now about 75lbs at 8 months, and is starting to show lighter tan colors on her paws.

  She sure is keeping us busy, we have also enrolled her in a training school and she is doing great! At times she is stubborn, and the trainer has commented on her determination. She is highly intelligent and likes to "SHOW" off.

We must say, JamaKa knows when she is being watched and performs wonderfully. Everywhere we go with her, she is admired and we receive tons of compliments on how beautiful she is. People are also amazed on her size when they hear she is only 8 months old.

Tell your family hi for us and we hope you have a good holiday season. We continually watch your website to see your upcoming litters. You never know, we may be looking for another in the future.

Talk with you soon,


Randy & Beth Lind

JamaKa at 8 months (Bishara female pup)