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Hi Dari,

Jade came over this afternoon to look at the girls. The girls put on quite a
show for him, and it was quite obvious that he was awed by what he saw.  He
confessed a preference for solid blacks, so he was particularly impressed
with Katja. Katja has very aggressive food drive, and she has grown quite a
bit since she arrived. This is not to say that Jade was not taken with
Annika for her sheer bulk and civil aggression. Whatever doubts or
uncertainties that he may have had about acquiring pups from your kennel
have been settled. Although he is familiar with the German Shepherd breed,
he does not seem to know much about Czech bloodlines, so I assured him that
the dogs he was getting from you were from the best available working
bloodlines. He is looking forward to receiving his pups.
I also expect Raymond Cantos to come around any day now to visit the girls. I'll keep you informed on that too.
Thanks for the pictures of the Gero/Donna male pup. He is just awesome. That little guy packs a lot of power and drive. There is little doubt that he
will mature into an exceptional adult. I hope you will give me a little more
time to decide on him. Rest assured I will not keep you hanging.

Best Regards,
6 month Annika daughter of Congo Vikar