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  Hello Dari,

  It has been a while since we last exchanged e-mails. We finally settled back in Colorado and other than the dryness, bugs, company, moving, sickness and general stuff, all has been well.

  Seriously, we are all fine, and I am expecting my first Icelandic foal on Oct. 1. Honestly don't know who will be more excited, myself or Ano. He was so attached to the last young Icy and she is now in Canada running as a wild horse for three years.

  Anyway, Ano is great, and we are once again going to Florida for the winter. He will be in HOG HEAVEN on his 200 acre horse ranch. Last year he just had a blast.
  I have had so many people want puppies out of him, all of my family does, so if and when we get a chance, I might consider a female from you. If I did, I wouldn't want to breed but one litter. I'm just into enjoying my dogs, not breeding. That is your job!!

  Better close, but just wanted to say Hi! Ano runs loose all the time on our three acres here but is in at night. Believe it or not, he loves to sleep in our new horse trailer. He does have good taste, it was $68,000.  Nice dog house, huh????!!!!!!

  Bye again
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Ano was matched to Diane, by Van Den Heuvel K9. He is a fully trained/titled personal companion protection male.