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Below are some wonderful letters from our client, Dan, who is an excellent SchH/French Ring handler for over 15 years. There is a wonderful story on what Cyrus did below, so please read it carefully and enjoy!
  Hello Dari,

Just wanted you to know your grand baby Cyrus is doing great!

  I started French Ring Sport with him and he is doing very well. I haven't worked on the jumping yet, as it is hard on the joints at his age.

  His drives are CRAZY to say the least. He was born for this type of work. Everyone in my club loves him, not only that he is the only GS, but he is all heart! 

Take care, Daniel

  The story listed below is a MUST READ

  Hello Dari and John, 

   I have an interesting true story to tell you, that happened the other night, while I was in bed.  Approx. 12:30 AM, after returning from a trip out of town, I was in bed when I heard crackling footsteps outside my bedroom window. I looked outside the blinds, and asked who was there?  I couldn't see a thing, but I decided to go outside with my dog Cyrus, to check on the noises.  As I was walking from the front to the side of the house, Cyrus starting barking like crazy, alerting to me, that someone was there. I asked," who  was there." And got no response.

  I live on 1 acre and the property is big and has heavy trees and bushes.  I let Cyrus go, into the darkness, barking and running, as he chased this person from the side of my house, which later I found out was next to my window.

  Cyrus had chased this person in total darkness, through heavy woods to a nearby house, where I had caught up to him. He kept barking next to a front door. I praised him for his performance and went back to my house, and called 911.  Shortly after, I was visited by 2 police cars. I took them over to the house where Cyrus had stopped and barked and let them do there job.  Later I was told, that the man who was chased down by my Cyrus, had recently been let out of jail in Feb 2002, and was recently off of house arrest 2 days earlier. 

  Wow what a relief!  I was so proud of what my 1 yr. old dog had done, all in total darkness, leaving my side to protect me and my home!  Delray Beach police had come back to my home to inform me of the man's history, and complimented me on how beautiful Cyrus is, and what a wonderful dog I have.  I am very happy and proud of him and would certainly recommend your dogs, to anyone!  Daniel Marullo.