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   Hello Dariana,

    Thank you so much for the video clips . Trixa is certainly a well
trained , balanced  and beautiful female dog . She is without a doubt very 
energetic , with strong nerves ,  and  also very focused in her work .  You
must be so proud !!!  Did I hear gun-shots in the background ?  I  loved her
energy and she concentrates so well , that a  sounding machine-gun  would not break her focus . I' m very impressed by her.  She is definately a Top Dog !

    Well , I' m so anxious to know about her litter.  I hope everything
went well and we now have a beautiful, healthy litter on the ground.
I' m so looking forward to owning a pup from this litter especially because
both parents  have such outstanding  working pedigrees .  I' ve also read
good comments on Dargo, who  I believe is Xero's half brother.

   Everything you told me from the very first time I called you , about the quality of
your bloodline, I've found to be very accurate.

   It's incredible, sometimes  I've found info by accident . I even found a positive comment from a Major in the Air-force who owns a  Xero daugther named Exa(Just a note, we imported Exa for our clients Steve and Laura).

  Dariana, as  I mentioned before in previous letters, keep up the good work. Honest people seem like a dying breed nowadays!!!

As always , I' ll be waiting for your response.

Sincerely , Carlos Echevarria

   Hello Dariana ,

    Well, at this time, I' m writing to you to check on the progress of 
Trixa / Xero mating.  I hope everything is going right on schedule and that
Trixa's delivery is a success...

    I really enjoyed your new page of Trixa. Everything is so well
documented  and her full picture is outstanding.  Her body structure is very
similar to that of Xero's. Her pedigree is also of top competition, and some of the
dogs in it like Titus  and  Tom Z  PS have received such good comments. I  saw a picture of Titus , he looked  like a  V - rated  stud dog, and I  am sure he passed those traits to his many offspring. 

  On Trixa's page , you also mentioned a video of her upon request ,   I will like to see
it Please!!!

    Dariana , I am very much looking forward to the outcome of this litter
because  I feel  its working potential  will be very versatile. You
certainly are a very serious breeder. 

   As you know , my ideal dog is one that is very serious, with qualities to do sport competition.  See , I have seen so many dogs in sport  who are outstanding , but do not have the necessary toughness to defend in real life situations.  That is one of the
main reasons I want a Czech / DDR  German Shepherd .  I  know  that for many
years these bloodlines were used to developed dogs that were very trainable, strong structured, along with strong characters. Weak dogs cannot handle
military duties!!!

    I  hope that you will always keep emphasizing good working genetics
above all else in your future breeding programs , so that  all of us would
be able to enjoy good German Shepherds from you for a long time.

    Well , I' m through for now and as always , I' ll  be waiting for your

     Sincerely , Carlos Echevarria

    P.S.  Please send me an  e-mail when the puppies are born!!!