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Sharon is a titled personal companion protection female. Bill is the proud owner of her!
Hello Dari,

  I would like to let you know that Sharon and myself are doing great! We love each other alot already.

  Thank you so much for her.

Bill O'Callaghan

  Hello Dari! 

  I just wanted to let you know that Sharon and myself are getting along great!  One of the things I asked for is a very affectionate dog, and I can't believe how loving she is. So far we have been camping and to the house in the mountains, and both times I have woken up to her sleeping beside me on my sleeping bag haha.

I did have some concerns before receiving her about her running off or straying, but this is not going to be a problem, as Sharon constantly stays within a 10ft radius of me. I just think she is wonderful!

As of today, we have been together for only 5 days; we love playing with the Kong ball and other retrieving games she is really going to make me get back into better shape.

Thanks again for a wonderful dog!  I love her so much already, and I am sure we will have many great years together.

Sharon and I will be back in town on Wednesday, hope to hear from you then.

Bill O'Callaghan
Hello Dari,

I purchased a fine GSD from you named Sharon in May of 2002 and wanted to update you.  We are getting along great and I could not imagine life without her now.

Thank you so much for such a GREAT friend like Sharon. We are companions 24/7.

Bill O'Callaghan

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