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Dear Dari,

I thought you would enjoy these pictures of Nadia. I want to say Thank You for letting me have a chance to own not one, but four of your beautiful puppies. They all have brought so much joy to my life, and you have become a good friend I will always treasure. I am so thankful I picked up that Paper last year about this time and saw your ad for Nadia! If I had not done so she would not be mine now! I love her dearly, she is the German Shepherd that I had been looking for, for a very long time. Niki and Tsavo are also very special to me, and they all will bring nothing but good things to my breeding program.
Wow! I cannot thank you enough, Dari!!! I wish you much happiness and success with your dogs and your music!

Your Friend,
Tsavo Van Den Heuvel Congo Vikar son
Nadia Van Den Heuvel  daughter of Amalka z Pohranicni Straze