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  Hello Dari,

  On the Dama front: I had Zack catch her on the long way this weekend. He did it perfectly. We went a short distance of about 20 yards to see how both of them would do (Dama never doing the courage test before and Zack with not alot of experience), so I pulled her back about 100 yards and let her rip. It was absolutely gorgeous! Zack said her bite on the Congo Gage is about a 5.0 consistently! That's pretty darn great for a female.

  I took some pictures from the trial I need to scan and send you. Boy she looks like a 1/4 scale Congo. Dama is doing really well around other dogs. I think I've got the blomburg incident worked out of her.

  It was pretty funny yesterday. I was working Dama in obedience and Renea was working Nemo. Dama was on a long down and Nemo was doing a Schh 1 Routine. Renea yelled here and everyone came. She had two dogs looking up at her, so Nemo and Dama can't work together. I kinda expected that to happen, It was pretty funny.

Well, keep me informed on what's going on. I bought a new phone so I won't get beeped anymore, so give me a call.

Catch you later,

Aaron Catching our Congo Vikar