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ZZO titled
Hips good
German Shepherd male
Date of Birth: 11-23-02

Navar is a young very impressive looking black and tan male with a strong East German Head type coupled with very large boning.

He is absolutely an ideal selection for a family with children of all ages. He is very gentle, attentive, and affectionate with young children.

This is a wonderful male for either calm or active individuals or families. He is readily adaptable to new situations because of his perfectly balanced character.

Navar has a nice Border Patrol working pedigree.
Navar is perfectly behaved within the home environment. He is very responsive to his commands, and has very nice obedience. His protection work is solid and easily controlled. This is a wonderful male that will aptly protect the family and property in a very safe manner. He is ideal for both city and country living. He is calm, very clean, and has correct manners within the home.
(ZZO title includes basic obedience and needed social behavior. This means that he doesn't steel footballs, doesn't fight with other dogs and he doesn't attack people without reason)