I feel very fortunate to have Immo, BH, AD, IPO3, KKL 1, SG rated A1 normal(excellent hips/elbows) in our program. His genetics are ideally suited to our carefully structured breeding station.

Immo is from the LEGENDARY producing Nash bloodline. Nash's two most successful producing sons seen worldwide were our DECEASED LEGEND Drago and 2x WUSV Goran.  This is very exciting for our program, since we now have both Drago and Goran's gene pool within our frozen semen stores. With Immo, we will be able to linebreed upon Nash through his two most successful producing sons Drago and Goran. In breeding Immo to our Drago daughters, or our Immo daughters back over Drago's, frozen semen, we will have the opportunity to have future working legends in the making!

Immo's Pedigree

Immo produces high versatility, intensity, and working willingness in his progeny, it makes them highly suitable for a huge range of working fields. He produces absolutely PERFECT NERVE BASE, exceptional HARDNESS, and high intensity. He is also well known for producing extremely high intelligence in his offspring and a quick maturation rate.

When referring to Immo's working character, this is honestly one of the most serious dogs I have personally encountered. He is very similar to my deceased LEGEND Congo, in overall character type, in referencing sharpness, hardness, and just true civil aggression. Even though Immo is of German descent, he is so true to the character type that you used to see in the old sentry style Czech Border Patrol dogs that were used during communism. This is one of the many reasons why Immo is seen within our program. He is a truly amazing old style working dog of tremendous talent with a wonderful ability to produce.

Immo is also quite nice to behold. He is a stallion of a male with a MASSIVE head type, robust body style, huge boning, and excellent old style working structure. In appearance, he is cross between our deceased LEGENDS Norbo Ben Ju and Drago Eqidius, so he is gorgeous to look at!

With his natural hardness, sheer power, enormous working drive, and top ability to produce, he fits right in with our lineup and the style of offspring that we are known to produce.

Immo is a tremendous top producing son of Goran. He has sired over 130 successful working offspring to his credit with a vast majority of his progeny seen in the toughest police/military programs in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and working on the Border here state side.

We are truly blessed to be able to add this top proven producing beast of a stud dog to our World Renown lineup.
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