Her outstanding offspring have been placed as prospects in a large variety of working homes. Her progeny have solid nerves, excellent heads, substantial structure, outstanding working drives, and are equipped with a great deal of temperament.
    Anonda has been a wonderful part of our Internationally Acclaimed breeding program since Nov. of 2004. She is a true assest to the working breed in every respect as her progeny are superb working dogs.

  Anonda is a gorgeous Old Style import female with a perfect Old DDR/CzechSlovak working pedigree. She is the daughter of the excellent female Nixa Ben Ju, who is a full littermate to our Norbo Ben Ju!! Not only does her damline contain all of Norbo's top working blood, Anonda's sireline is equally as impressive. She is the great granddaughter of DDR legend Lord v. Gleisdreieck through DDR great Jeff v. Flamings Sand, DDR Ingo v. Rudingen, DDR Illa v. Ritterberg, top producing stud male Astor v. Waldidyll, as well as Astor's son Arko Honest.

  Anonda's wonderful pedigree is a linebreeding on DDR Ingo and contains his two most successful producing son's Held and Jeff.

  Anonda is rated velmi dobra, SVV1, SVV2 titled, 1st breeding class, full bonitacion pronounced courage, hardness and willingness to fight, hips/elbows 0/0.

   Anonda is a large boned female that has a great deal of temperament, wonderful substance, excellent DDR head type, compact working structure, as well as a huge overall taste for the work in all phases. She is perfectly equipped with super solid nerves and has a great overall interest in her work with the handler. She has high characteristic retrieve drive, full hard calm grips, perfect defense, and an outstanding disposition with children.