Amalka is a very intriguing female to our facility. If you examine her pedigree very closely, you will note that it is highly similar to the breeding that we have had in our facility for 4.5 years between our Internationally acclaimed stud dog Congo Vikar, bred to our Amalka z Pohranicni Straze.

   Amalka is by the excellent producing son of Grim, Archibald z Mra Miku. Amalka's pedigree is simply outstanding for producing the Original GSD. She is a Grim z Pohranicni Straze Granddaughter, and her great grandparents are the sire and Dam of our Famous Congo Vikar, the excellent Gent od Policie and Bona zo Stiavinckych. You will also note present within her pedigree are DDR great Astor v. Waldidyll, DDR 5-6 on Iwo v.d. Buscheke, DDR Gomo v. Schieferschloss, DDR Hassan v.d. Hasselwiesen, DDR Hanne v. Furstendamm, Golm v. Barutherland, DDR Ford v. Ritterberg, linebreeding on the H. Ritterberg litter with Held and Hexe present.
    Amalka is a fantastic Czech import rated velmi dobra, ZVV1 titled, 1st breeding class, full bonitacion pronounced courage, hardness and willingness to fight, hips/elbows 0/0.

  Amalka is a strong boned high power female that excels in tracking and serious protection work. She is a strong female equipped with super solid nerves, a love for the work, and an overall interest in her work with the handler. She has high characteristic retrieve drive, full hard calm grips, perfect defense, and an outstanding disposition with the family.

  Amalka is a higly intelligent female that has the ideal GSD character type. She will work as long as you ask her to, however, when she comes into the family home enviornment she demonstrates her perfectly solid nerves in having the ability to settle. She is very affectionate with our 4 young children and is absolutely trustworthy in every respect.

  She is truly a fantastic female to train and live with!
Amalka is a fabulous Grim granddaughter and great granddaughter of Congo's sire and dam Bona and Gent od Policie!